Do it yourself marketing

Just to be sure, yes you can do it all yourself – but not the way a professional will do it.

Advances in technology have given everyone the ability to do everything themselves similar to how the refrigerator gave us the ability to make our own lunch – yet restaurants exist because they usually do it better and save us time.

Today however, we find ourselves doing everything. This includes self check-out at the grocery store, automated teller machines at banks and pumping gas at gas stations. This is called “Shadow Work” and often the tasks are pretty simple.

When it comes to business, we now have the ability to become our own marketing director, creative director, ad buyer, content writer, media manager and more. But this is not as simple as pumping gas.  Ad agencies still exist to this day because knowing the difference between promoted posts, boosted posts, native advertising, keyword research, geo-fencing and Layar doesn’t even begin to touch the surface.

Small business owners waste more money per dollar spent trying to do it all themselves by making huge errors. It’s like they are pumping their own gas but only getting half of it in the tank. So if you think doing it all yourself saves time and money, think again.

Here’s a solution. Work with a media company or creative group to come up with a plan or campaign. The “Do-it-yourself” part can be doing tasks they have laid out.


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