At Realstudio we do BRANDING and DESIGN Real Estate LOGOS with consistent real estate marketing communications for print and web, creating an effective brand identity that develops customer loyalty while giving you competitive differentiation leading to your brand success. Realstudio has packages and an À la carte offering, so if you are looking to get something specific designed, we can help you.

Brands & Logos

A brand is a story that undeniably answers the question why you are the right choice. The question is in every consumer’s mind whether they know it or not. Every business has a brand whether they know it or not. A brand without intention can be a tough road to go down, lumped in with all other REALTORS® where the only differentiation is price.

Our aim is to brand with intention, putting you at a level higher than most. We do this with a story that connects with your target market on an emotional level.

We know that not everyone has the budget to do a proper brand strategy which is why we also offer two LOGO PACKAGES along side our BRAND PACKAGE.

Corporate Identity

If a brand or logo is what you present to the public then corporate identity is the way you present yourself to the public. The list is long but in Real Estate the main touch points include the Feature Sheet, CMA, Pre-Listing Brochure, social media banners, email newsletter templates, specific mailers and so on.

We have packages that start with the basics and more to fit your budget.

Real Estate Websites

The most productive websites in any business solve a problem for the prospect. What problem is your website going to solve that isn’t already being successfully solved? This is where branding comes in.

Because 80% of all home buyers are searching online* we put most of our emphasis on your website’s brand and search optimization abilities. Some research claims more than half of those online searches are done on a mobile device** so it’s clear your website must be responsive and look great on phones and tablets.

Whether we are building a custom RETS integration or designing an existing real estate platform like myRealPage, Ubertor or RealtyNinja, it’s your unique brand, SEO and responsive design we focus on.