Velve Group Advertising

Creating the Velve Group advertising is clean and easy to understand.

When faced with putting together the Velve Group advertising within a day and a half for placement in a high end establishment within his target market, there is not a lot of time for creative campaigns or mock-ups. We simply have time to follow the rules of design and advertising. Want to know what they are?

Here is how we did it…

Lead with a headline

Almost everyone in real estate puts their name or logo first. I know your name is important to you and that you might have spent a lot of money on developing a logo but a name or logo has no meaning to anyone. Give them something to understand and bite into. If you have an ongoing campaign then that would be your headline.

Supporting content second

Explain what you offer while supporting the headline. This can be an image or copy but the less you need to explain the better. No one has time to read long winded content.

Great photography

There is a time and a place for mediocre photography and it’s not on your advertising. We don’t even suggest good photography, it has to be great.

A strong logo

A strong logo helps to carry the brand so well that even though it’s in fourth place it is not missed. Design elements such as font and colour help unify everything.

Call to action

Believe it or not the call to action doesn’t need to be elaborate or confusing. A simple statement that aligns with your goal. Avoid using a question where the answer can be “no”.

Contact information

Making this the largest part of the advertising is also a common mistake because contact info is only important if someone wants to contact. They will seek out that information on the ad when everything else aligns in their favour. No one calls just because they see a phone number. No one.

What's missing?

Emotional content and creative. Emotion sells. Funny ads are far more memorable than this. Or aligning with the pain points then offering the solution. This takes creative work and more time than a 2 day turn around we had here. But for what it’s worth, the goal of this ad will serve well as brand placement.

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