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A logo is just one point in the process of a full Real Estate Branding strategy. You can feel good knowing we think of  logos in this way in case you ever want to take it further, you won’t have to abandon your logo later. Although just one point in the process of a brand, logos are often the most identifiable part of a business. When done correctly, the finished logo addresses the look and feel of all marketing materials. It derives the colours, fonts and styling. You will not get this from cheap, online, logo factories.

Our Approach

There are many ways to reach a satisfying result with Real Estate Branding and we use three. One way is if you already have an idea we will work with you to complete it. If you don’t have an idea but still want to be the designer, we will walk you through designing your own. Lastly, you might want to let us tell you what the design should be based on a creative brief.


One of the challenges that many real estate sales professionals have is “finding business.” Whether you are a new or veteran Realtor looking to grow your business, you must…



Be a big fish in a small pond and choose a specific target market. Your real estate branding identity strategy will be more successful if you closely target your market. Focus on getting your name in front of your current customers and best potential customers. Having an effective brand marketing real estate strategy will create loyalty in your customers while your competition fade away.

target market


Convey trust with consistent brand communications and build Real Estate Branding loyalty by keeping in touch with your clients and real estate prospects on a consistent basis with branded email communications; Just Listed/Just Sold e-Cards, Just Listed/Just Sold e-Flyers, and monthly e-Newsletters.

emotional connection

Emotional Connection

Making an emotional connection to your customers creates awareness, has influence, prompts their buy-in and loyalty. Your website, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, blog and personal brochures are excellent ways to create an emotional connection with customers and real estate prospects. Be a resource for information that matters while letting them get to know you better. Discover any issues and be the problem solver. Communicate your promise and express your unique value through the words and images of a strong consistent brand.

Real Estate Branding is the best way to differentiate your business from competitors. Remember, it’s all about having a unique personality that appeals to customers. — Michelle Vella

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The Final Result – The Best Realtor® Logos in the business starting at only $595.

At RealSTUDIO we develop brands that differentiate Real Estate Agents from their competitors creating a personality that has unique customer appeal.

Real Estate Branding

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