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Michael Tudorie Has an Interesting Story

Michale Tudorie came to us after a learning experience using others to create a logo and perform some SEO back linking that didn’t work.

Our process started by listening to find out where he was, what he was doing in marketing, what he wanted to keep and what he wanted to change, Putting things right started with¬†a cost effective myRealPage Them Renovation. We did some additional content editing, social media services and SEO audit to pull together his “Find your home, find your story” tag line.

Areas of Expertise

MyRealPage Theme Renovation

Using one of the new myRealPage responsive themes, we adjust, fold, cut, manipulate and forge a site that simply works.

Content Editing

Although we do content writing someone with enough wind in their sails to put a lot down themselves allows us to edit it to meet keyword and brand sensibilities.

SEO Audit and Implementation

An SEO Audit is a report of everything that could be done to the website to help it be found in search engines. It gives us a clear set of tasks.

Social Media Marketing

We are performing a "Find Your Story" advertising campaign on social media with reporting and analysis.