Jay Agassiz home page

Website Branding

It took speaking to Jay on the phone to discover what a down to earth, friendly person he is. Looking at his old website branding gave no immediate indication his passion for and connection to the Shuswap lifestyle. If anything, first glance did the opposite.

The “Get Hooked on the Shuswap” headline add appropriate website branding and pulls together his story, the logo and his love of the area. Finding a common emotional connection with the community he works in is important and in this case it was easy.

Friends and acquaintances know him as a traditionalist at heart with a love for a time when things where well made. This connection was formed in subtle graphic choices.

If you can’t find Jay working hard to sell a client’s home, he is probably sitting on a lake fly fishing.

The Process


A series of questionnaires and interviews to help us learn about you

Creative Brief

Condensing all the discovered information down into a final document is the first proofing point and a guide to all further creative.

Content Writing

Although content and story are for human eyes we use keywords and on-page SEO in the custom content.


The website opens with an impressive drone video flyover to drive the Shuswap brand home and is created as part of the website build.


The website is designed in a staging area and proofed together. Change requests are listed and addressed for a final review and approval to publish.

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