Katana K atana: The real estate website theme to end all real estate themes, built by the guys over at RealyNinja is now in early-access! And what does that mean? It means “general release is coming soon”.  So, you might be asking, when? Well apparently it means “right after the first 100 agents (in early-access) have been processed,” which means …  the Katana Real Estate Theme Review: Coming Soon.

We’re still excited about it so let’s touch on things we know.

The first we heard about Katana was from this blog post 6 months ago like everyone else. No back room, insider knowledge or heads up. This has all been very hush, hush. We were hoping to get on early-access to help beta test and define what designers are looking for when working with their clients as 3rd parties. Do any real estate website companies ever ask creative agencies for advice regarding working as a 3rd party? Nope. But just imagine if a theme like this became as popular as WordPress is in the world of real estate web design!

Turns out we’re on a list. Here’s what we hope to find.

We hope Katana is more like a framework than a theme. To understand what that means, pretend every possible variation of every possible theme got swallowed up by Katana. A framework is a theme that can look like practically anything by using custom structure.

We hope we will be able to save the design settings from one account to another or within the same account. This would be similar to Child Themes in a WordPress Framework, allowing designers to pre-make designs or go back and forth between designs by simply adding that child theme (or theme settings).

Let there be lead generation landing pages! This means the ability to remove everything from just one page – even the menu – and build out a single call to action and choice – while maintaining brand.

Make me a sandwich. I hope it can make me a sandwich.

In a nutshell, the fine lads over at RealtyNinja have been working hard on their new theme called Katana and if it’s anything like the past work they’ve done, we’re certain it will be worth the wait. Check back for here the Katana Real Estate Theme Review: It’s Coming Soon.


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  • Ramin Sabour says:

    Thanks for the pre-review (preview?) Paul! We can’t wait to get you guys trying out Katana and giving us your feedback from a creative agencies perspective. You’re right that it’s more of a theme framework than just another rigid theme, and we’re working tirelessly on the sandwich widget! Stay tuned 🙂

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