Using a Custom Email Address

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Custom Email Address

Why Use a Custom Email Address

Why use a custom email address when Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and other free email accounts are already available? Perfectly fine, right? Well maybe not for professional businesses. Getting an email from might not look very good, especially when we discover how much branding helps a business grow, but that’s another article for another time.

Likewise, many real estate, mortgage and financial professionals work under a broker who hand out free email accounts. While might look better than a free account, it’s still not branding the person doing all the work for their own clients. People discover this only when it comes time to move to another broker.

A much better alternative is to set up a custom email address with the business domain name, preferably the same domain used for the business website.

One Thing to Know

All email is online. This sounds easy to understand but the concept gets confusing when using software like Microsoft Outlook, Opera Mail or Thunderbird software to download email onto a computer. In today’s connected world, there should be no reason to do this anymore. The more we can keep email messages online, the better… and that’s why Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail, etc., are so popular.

Methods to a Custom Email Address

Simple Method: The easiest, but less preferred method is to use the registrar where the domain name is hosted. Almost all registrars can supply email, and most supply it freely if the website is hosted with it. Simply log into the registrar’s control panel, go to the email section and follow the instructions to add an email account. Done! The downside to this method is that most hosting/domain providers don’t have very good email software for reading and sending email. Software is important.

Best Method: The next, (but a little more complicated), method is to choose a good online email software company first, then follow that company’s instructions to set it up, (which will require changing some settings at the domain or hosting account). So, for example, Gmail can be set up to send and receive custom domain email using their G Suite service. Microsoft has something similar called Office 365. Both come with a suite of office products.

If a suite or office is too much, there are some great stand alone apps available such as ZohoMail, a highly rated email app. FastMail and ProtonMail are also very good.

In Summary

The software is probably the most important thing in all of this. If we could book a hotel room as easily as an AirBnB, or hail a cab, pay for it and see who’s coming and when like Uber, then these companies would have had a much harder time breaking into their respective markets.

Choose the software, then change the domain setting. Need help? Let us know.


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