Why Realstudio®

Realstudio® provides Realtors® with the style of creative agency usually only available to big business so they may establish a secure market the same way businesses like Apple, Nike and Toyota do.

Big businesses like Apple, Nike and Toyota all dive into brand development and strategy. They discovered their target audience and learned how to delight them rather than hunt them. They understand brand positioning with a story of why they are in business. Being a Realtor® is no different. In fact, if a thing can have a story and personality then certainly a Realtor® should.

No other creative agency for Realtors® does what we do. We stand ahead in our field with no monthly fees or proprietary software. Discover the possibilities of what a real creative agency can do to develop your real estate business.

With Realstudio® your future looks good.

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Our Story

Behind RealSTUDIO® is graphic designer and artist Michelle Vella who founded the business in 2005. Starting as a portrait photography studio for Real Estate agents in Vancouver BC, her talent and training transitioned it into a branding and design business.

“Branding Realtors® was a new concept back then and Vancouver agents were quickly embracing it so I saw an opportunity to offer much needed services.” says Vella and with that her branding and design business began.

Through networking, Michelle met Paul McEwan shortly after starting her business. Paul, another graphic artist with education in real estate, branding, marketing and business planning, had been a marketing manager at RE/MAX at this time, helping agents brand and customize their marketing materials. A networking tribe was formed to offer a deeper set of services.

Paul became the creative director of Realstudio® in December of 2015 and has has led the business into becoming the full service creative agency it is today.

“Realtors® today have so much to choose from when it comes to marketing their businesses – especially online. I am continuously asked for my advice on the best direction to take.” Says McEwan.

“All of the marketing avenues available to Realtors® can do an excellent job when they know what they are communicating, and that’s the problem we solve. We find that unique thing each of them have that cause conversion and referrals. Then I help them choose the right marketing services.”

Paul has kept Realstudio® true to it’s roots by focusing on managing the real estate agent’s brand and image. Properties come and go, but customers will always remain. So give your clients someone they can refer. With that, your future looks good.

Paul McEwan

Paul McEwan


Published musician, artist and improv enthusiast. Values activities outside such as cycling, back country hiking, climbing, skiing.

michelle vella

Michelle Vella


An illustrator, graphic artist and embraced by the NY fashion scene as a contemporary portrait artist known for her unique Big Eyes.

They listened closely to our suggestions and the result speaks for itself. I would recommend RealSTUDIO to anyone who wants a unique brand.

Barret DeMaere, RE/MAX Crest Westside

RealSTUDIO provides professional advice and delivers quality work and I would not hesitate to recommend their work

Wayne Schmitz, RBC Mortgage Specialist

From the time I first began working with RealSTUDIO to the present, I have found them to be accommodating and professional in each and every project we have done together.