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We offer brand focused advertising campaigns, website design, copy writing, graphics, photography and video for your marketing needs. If you have nothing then let's start with a list of what every real estate agent needs to get listings and buyers, while building brand recognition.

Business Card

You hand out your branded business card to a prospect and you feel good doing it. From there the branding is like placing a popcorn trail, it all comes full circle, read on…

Branded Website

The prospect wants to see it you are an experienced professional so they check out your branded website, voila, you start to gain their trust… just keep adding to the popcorn trail…

Email Signature

Then this prospect emails you, it’s a nice touch to have a branded email signature while also looking oh so professional… you’re doing it right and the popcorn trail is circling back…

Direct Mail

Hooray, you signed them but how did you meet them in the first place? They probably called you because of your outstanding branded Direct Mail postcard that you have been sending them every month… more added to the popcorn trail.

Feature Sheet

Now you have the listing. You better look good and hand out a gorgeous FEATURE SHEET at the OPEN HOUSE – another delivery of brand identity and we are back to handing out your branded business card, but wait there is more…

Social Media Branding

If you do want to do Social media then better you do it right and have us brand your social marketing pages. When doing it yourself your banners get pixelated or cut off. Realstudio is here to make you look good.

Amazing Testimonials

Logo is fantastic and couldn’t be happier with it. Appreciate the professional of the work done and in a timely manner.

Sam VeltriCouldn't be Happier

I thought it would be a challenge working within the confines of a pre-existing theme when I decided to re-brand. But RealSTUDIO rose to the occasion by listening to my needs, making creative suggestions and incorporating clever design elements, and coming up with a unique and high-end look that was both fresh and new, but still recognizable to my past clients.
RealSTUDIO’s connections with quality suppliers saved me time and money by providing me with a one-stop shopping experience for everything from business cards to postcards, stationary and more. I would not hesitate to recommend RealSTUDIO Branding & Design to anyone looking for a polished and professional look.

Steve JamiesonRE/MAX Crest Realty Westside

I first talked to Paul when I was looking for a fresh look for my website. After just a few minutes of speaking with him, I knew he was the right man for the job. Paul has the rare ability to combine technical expertise with strong communication skills... this made it easy to transition from my rough vision of what I wanted my web presence to entail to into the reality of a site that I am extremely happy with. In addition to responding to my desires, Paul was able to add his own creative flair to the website in a manner that I was very impressed with. I truly can't say enough good things about the work Paul has done and recommend him to anyone who asks.

Ben ChimesRE/MAX Crest Westside

Paul is a very creative and responsive graphic designer. I have recommended him to many of my colleagues.

David SettonTRG - The Residential Group

You followed our layout to perfection and had a great turnaround time. You have a great eye for design and we'll be sure to use you again.

Lisa Billet and Colin HallSutton Westcoast

Let us organize your branding
so you can consistently leave a lasting impression with every one you meet.

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